What is Oil of Life?

Oil of Life is a blend of organic, extra virgin olive oil combined with highly purified Carbon 60. For experimental use only.

The Discovery of the Century...

Carbon 60

Carbon 60, which is a buckminster fullerene (Bucky Ball) was discovered a couple of decades ago and was found to be one of the stable forms of carbon, due to its unique geometry. The other forms are amorphous carbon, graphite and diamond. Pure carbon, nothing else. The stuff of life itself.  

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of mankind's oldest foods, having been consumed for many thousands of years. Technically it is a monounsaturated oil, meaning along the chain of carbon atoms comprising it, there is one carbon-carbon bond which has a free electron pair. It is this point of reactivity at which Carbon 60 attaches, forming a new and very unique molecule. 

Our manufacturing process

The conjugate molecule composing Oil of Life is like nothing else on Earth. On the one hand, scientific studies have shown it has powerful positive effects when administered to  experimental animals. On the other hand it is extremely sensitive to light. From the moment C60 is introduced to the oil, it must never be exposed to direct light for any appreciable length of time. This and other properties of Oil of Life demand strict protocols be followed during the manufacturing process. 

What all the fuss is about...

In March of 2012 the journal Biomaterials published an extraordinary study showing when rats were given a blend of olive oil and carbon 60, their lifespans nearly doubled! The abstract is available on our Paris Study page.


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